Is a leather bag sustainable?

Durability of genuine leather
There is a huge variety of leather products to get: shoes, jackets, gloves, bags, accessories. But how sustainable these products are actually?

In this article we mainly want to illuminate the positive sides of leather products and, among other things, the comparison is made between PU and leather bags.

Economy in the 21st century
In today's society, the emphasis is increasingly lying on sustainability and the effects of our (consumption) society on the environment. We are also increasingly seeing that people with a view to animal and environmental friendliness are preferred.

Real leather is often not only very beautiful, but certainly also sustainable compared to artificial leather. The products are often made from leather that is a by-product of the meat industry. With this, everything is used as well as possible. The leather that is lost while cutting, could be used again (recycled) by grinding and mixing it with polyester, in order to process other products again.

A leather bag is possible with good maintenance and maintenance A regular care literally go a lifetime. Over time, the bag often only becomes more beautiful because the leather goes 'works'. Also is a leather bag, with a neutral color, a timeless item! In general, a leather handbag, shoulder bag or backpack in a neutral color can be combined well with various colors of clothing, making it always a good addition to your collection. In addition, sell second-hand leather items often very well. So if you are bored with your leather item, you can breathe this new life by selling it to a subsequent owner. For example, we have to waste fewer materials and we ensure less waste.

PU leather / faux leather
Leatherette, on the other hand, is often made from polyurethane (PU) and for that reason also called PU leather. Nowadays the name 'vegan leather' is also very emerging. How you also want to call it, artificial leather, PU leather, vegan leather; It is and remains a form of plastic. Plastic is by definition bad for the environment and is never completely biodegradable. PU leather is often stiff and wear faster. An artificial leather bag is less resistant to time and will be paid at a certain point. A tag is for that reason, especially with intensive use, much less than a real leather bag. This means that the artificial leather bag often landed between the waste after a few years.

Production of Italian leather
to enter a little more depth about how an (Italian) Leather product comes about, it must be understood what happened in the production process of leather / Leather products. (Unbelievable) Leather is edited before it can be processed into products, this can be chemically done but also in more natural way. This is a time-consuming process, but here too environmentally conscious choices are created.

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