Mouth caps - a mandatory fashion accessory

In the meantime we live longer than a year with the consequences of the corona virus, with the use of a mouth cap in public spaces and public transport as one of the radical measures. There is an advantage; It does not have to be a medical mouth cap.

The cotton mouthcaps
The mouth caps that we see a lot on the street are the cotton mouthcaps, because that is a very good fabric to work and gives the possibility to walk with a mouth cap likes yourself.

Mouth caps from Zazà
Because we want everyone, despite the obligation, still feels comfortable when wearing a mouth cap, we have included mouth caps in our assortment that is just a bit different If you are often seeing at other stores and web shops. We think it is important to distinguish ourselves, but it is even more important to offer products that we are passionate about. That is why we have added the mouth caps from Zazà to our collection. These mouth caps are equipped with a silk fabric on the outside, which ensures a luxurious look.

Here you see an image of the Silk mouth cap in the color blue with a beautiful and luxurious pattern .

Of course we also have mouthcuts for women, such as the Silk mouth cap in the purple with a beautiful floral pattern .

For an overview of all mouth caps you can go to at https: // caps .

What we still find important to report about the mouth caps that you can obtain from us is that they are not produced widely. Every mouth cap is handmade in Italy, in order to deliver a qualitative product.

The different mouthcuts are nice, but in the end it is the most important thing that we respond to the measures from the government and hope that we can soon return to a normal situation. But now, with a mouth cap of us you can certainly come for the day.

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