After snow comes the sun

Have you enjoyed those winter days so? At least we liked it to enjoy the snow from the snow. With just over a month to go, spring is around the corner, with the additional benefits, namely: new additions to the collections!

Tuscany Leather
Tuscany Leather is a manufacturer established in Italy from beautiful leather bags and accessories and provides the collection every season of new models. With the approach of spring and summer, the bags are also provided with cheerful colors.

the tl bag - Leather handbag with golden hardware

A beautiful large leather handbag, which is available in various fun colors. To welcome spring and summer, a new color of this bag is available, namely Fuchsia! What too extreme for you? Then the champagne may be a good summery alternative.

tl bag - soft leather shoulder bag < / strong>

New in the collection is this beautiful leather shoulder bag, available in the colors white and black. Unique to this shoulder bag is the pattern, which makes us think of a flower. Together with the gold-colored shoulder strap, this bag gives us the ultimate summer feeling.

tl Keyluck - woven print leather shopper bag

The last bag that we want to appoint in this post is the TL Keyluck with a woven leather print. This handbag is made of suede leather and is equipped with a special woven structure, which drops the bag extra. Prefer to use the bag as a shoulder bag? No problem with the supplied shoulder strap. The bag was already available in several beautiful colors, such as beige, cognac or lipstick red, but the color turquoise is added to the arrival of the sun! We are sold, we hope you too.

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