Natural editing of leather

With this blog we want to pay extra attention to the effort that is put into the vegetable colors of leather, which brings us every season to brings back bags in beautiful colors. Take a look here for the current spring & amp; Summery colors .

Tuscany Leather
Tuscany Leather products are made in the Tuscan region Santa Croce Sull'Arno. With a view to the environment, the leather is stained in such an environmentally friendly manner by means of 'vegetable tanning', or vegetable Leather.

A major advantage of vegetable Leatherologies is the use of natural substances, the so-called tannins. These tannins are used to color the leather and at the same time let the leather retain its unique quality and beautiful shine.

Vegetable Leather taught
The vegetable Leather is a traditional way of Leather, which was already used hundreds of years ago. This is used to use tannins in plants and trees, such as a oak or willow tree.

Tannins exist in many different types of plants and products, leaving many dozens of other combinations for the use of these vegetable tannins together with leather, usually depending on the location of Leather.

Nice way: Tannines you also come across food and drink, such as wine and dietary supplements.

Unfortunately, nowadays we are increasingly seeing that Leather no longer is done in the traditional way.

Chemical Leather
With that bridge we come to chemical Leather. Chemical Leather is applied on a large scale to give the appropriate color in the shortest possible time. Heavy metals and chemicals are used herein. Advantages are the shorter time it needs and it can be applied to a larger scale, which makes it more costly attractive.

Unfortunately, the application of chemical Leather to the environment is more adverse than at vegetable Leather. We do not say that chemically tanned leather is qualitatively worse, but we especially want to explain to what extent plants contributes to a healthier society. It also remains special to see that every leather bag is unique, precisely because the original appearance of the leather has remained intact.

If you want to make a more environmentally conscious choice and still wear a beautiful and characteristic leather handbag, backpack or travel bag, you choose the products of Tuscany Leather. Here you are assured of a beautiful Leather product, which has been produced environmentally conscious, for a lifelong pleasure.

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